Godorrhoea - Zeitgeist EP

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(Looney Tunes Records)

A review:
This one's a bit of a treat: fast, raw, weird hardcore recorded back in 1989 that would, without this release, doubtless have languished in obscurity and the decaying memories of UK punk's elder statesfolk. There are 17 tracks in total, culled from a one-off trip to the studio, two live sets and a rehearsal recording. Not, it has to be said, the most promising notion, but the band's overall oddness wins out thanks to scrabbling rats-in-the-walls guitarwork, ambitiously wobbly bass runs and a high-pitched stream-of-consciousness jabber by way of vocals. The most obvious comparison is Rudimentary Peni given the sound, aesthetic and dark, nursery rhyme-ish nature of the lyrics, but you could also conceivably link them to the likes of Born Against, Honeywell and Pink Turds In Space if you use a bit of imagination. Have to say that it's certainly not a release that'll tickle everyone's fancy, but if you've got an ear for the oddball and prefer skirting the fringes to taking the straight and narrow then seeking this one out should prove really rather rewarding.             

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