Goatworshipper 2xLP (RESTOCKED)

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BLACKGOAT / GOATWORSHIPPER was the final project by Kawakami/DISCLOSE it was a project of a mixture of ambient dark noise, full blown noise.

DISCOSE/KAWAKAMI's last project black/HARSHWANOISE project "GOATWARSHIPPER"! ! The sound source released on CD from 2007 Mando Record became a two-disc LP from RSR in Germany and released in limited release! ! Gate fold sleeve, limited 288 sheets press! ! The last jet-black hirsch noise released by Mr. KAWAKAMI! ! ~ From the comments at the time of CD release below ~ FUNERAL DOOM?BLACK METAL?DARK AMBIENT / DEAD AMBIENT / DEAD CONFIDENTIAL And the place where the world's "KA-KAMI (DISCOSE)" sinking deep into the dangerous music world ended up was the world of noise explosion (HARSHNOISE)! !

This work produced as a demo CD-R was only about 100 pieces out there! ! While the noise powerhouse "Empire of Japan", Naze or 1 hour too dangerous to shiver and cry at the Hirsch noise that flies into the darkness to 20,000% darkness that was not likely to be there until now! ! One of the miracles that can be said to be a challenge to the noise world by mr. acoustic "KA-KAMI" packed with unique dark aesthetics that surely set the same as the ritual "BLACK METAL" and "DOOM METAL"! ! Naturally, it is recommended to listen to it in the middle of the night with loud headphones!! All 7 songs are included! !

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