Genital Masticator - Me Voy A Cagar En Tu Puta Madre LP RESTOCKED

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Official Description:
DMCED is honored to have the chance to release this piece of history from the spanish underground noise-grind movement. Formed in Canary Islands in 1991, GENITAL MASTICATOR are one of the pioneers of the genre in this shitty hole named Spain. With an extensive discography filled with tapes, split tapes and compilation tapes, we asked the band about releasing a vinyl to keep constancy of their history and when we got the ok from the band it was one of the best times for this label. Here you can find a total of 458 noisecore songs in the old and only way: ultra chaotic recordings (mostly with the legendary Tascam 4 track  from the 90s), noisy as fuck. There´s no other way to play this shit. Featuring their tracks from “Me voy a cagar en tu puta madre” Demo 1994, “No more music”, a 108 songs unreleased session, “Live in Pérez”, a total live recording from 1993 and their tracks from the split tape with noise masters 7 Minutes of Nausea. Everything topped with a 12 pages A-5 insert. This is not recommended for normal people, you must be sick as fuck to get this. 

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