Gasp - Ghost In Scow Out LP

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Official Description:
Featured on a diverse pedigree of splits with the likes of Noothgrush, Deerhoof, Volume 11, Suffering Luna, of course not to mention their seminal "Drome Triller..." LP, released on the highly revered, defunct Slap A Ham label; GASP has returned! Black Horizons is proud to release in a vinyl edition the out of print Ghost In Scow Out CDr. Supplemented and remastered into glorious fidelity for LP. Here the band, if possible, has only gotten even weirder; sounding not unlike the spaciest psych bands, however with a grind band sitting in to jam with. Which makes sense, as the band has taken to calling their sound "psych violence". A genre that one would expect layered with blast beats, howls and shrieks, tripped out tape loops and syrupy synths, a form the band has fully realized at this point. In a scene with many eccentric acts, GASP always managed to hold the title of the weirdest, and they haven't changed one bit in that regard. Each side in classic GASP fashion ends in a lock groove.

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