Garbage Fountain issue 3 zine

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In short: One of the only zines that matters these days. Informative and intelligent interviews, tons of reviews to keep you up to speed with the latest noises of the world, and once again Finland looks like a noisecore utopia. I can't recommend this shit enough!!!

Official Description:
The third issue is now available. As expected, this is "more of the same" in the vein of the first two issues: lots of babbling about noisecore and its close vicinity.
English language, A5 size, 48 pages, black & white print. The contents are interviews with Anal Butt (USA), Days Of Hate (BRA), Death Basket (FIN), Turd Reich (FIN), Vomit Pint (FIN), SPHC (USA, label) + a bunch of reviews."

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