Gamvetta - self-titled LP+CD

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Official Description:
After awakening from the crypts pioneering Japanese Death/Thrash hordes such as MESSIAH DEATH, CRUCIFIXION and early VOIDD – it’s the turn of GAMVETTA, the evil entity that preceeded TRANSGRESSOR in 1989.  Savagely rough and awkward grinding death inferno… The first band of Takashi Tanaka (TRANSGRESSOR, NECROPHILE, ANATOMIA etc..)   This release includes all their existing recordings: two ultra rare demo/rehearsals + bonus CD with soundboard live recordings.  This stuff is so scarcerly circulated that you’ll barely find it mentioned on a footnote on Transgressor’s page on Metal Archives. GAMVETTA mention as their early influences Sodom, Kreator, Destruction and Bathory even if they quickly moved to more extreme territories, on this collection you will also hear covers of “Scum” era Napalm Death and “From the past comes the storm” by Sepultura.  Includes insert with photos, scans of the original tapes and biographical notes by Takashi Tanaka. 

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