Galze - Innocent EP

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Official Description:
Vocalist Kyosuke, who left THE, has started a new band, the name of which is GALZE!!

Following the 1st album that was suddenly released last year, the latest work of 2022 will be released as the first solo 7" single!

Keeping the Japanese violent thrash & metalcore punk line completely different from the 1st album THE, all 3 songs with more extravagant meat shaved and catchy and acupressure points!

DEMOLITION, RAPES, and late GHOUL (Japan) fans are also a must-hear!!

The release source is the independent label T.T.RECORDS!

From the information below!

2021 THE GALZE made a sudden debut while the whole world was being hit by a pandemic.
The promotional tape, which was dropped the same year, sold out the same day, surprising many listeners with his first album, which was produced without waiting for the deadline.
Garze released the long-awaited 3-song 7-inch album "INNOCENT" on his own label T.T. Released by RECORDS!!
The songs they create are a new-type hardcore thrash metal that is rarely encountered, called barbaric and thrilling speedpunk metal!
The fraternity fusion of punk and metal is well known, but Garze's sense of speed and death rush has an exquisite and tight sense that is supported by both sides of the punk side and the metal side.
The distortion of space due to the dos black image, the tingling tension and the development of the song in a silly manner, and the approach to a violent and self-deprecating crossover sound have resulted in the completion of a ridiculous work!!
Be wary of the presence of toxic metallic amoebas that invade the frontal lobe with a pleasant melody...
Break it all!!!
(shimokitazawa KILLERS / Inoue)

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