Futura - V EP

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Official Description:
Emerging in the mid-2010s from the sunny West Coast of the United States, in Los Angeles specifically, FUTURA is a group of familiar faces from the local scene and the characteristic Latin punk sound of the area, coming from bands like RAYOS X, THE POISONING, POLISKITZO and GRIMA among others. This is their fifth reference, originally released on cassette by Brainwasher Records in Europe and Salvaged Records in the United States, and which could not do without its well-deserved treatment in vinyl format. 4 songs that are the last recorded by the band and that follow the line of their personal sound, taking as their axis the Latin punk of Los Angeles that has occurred in the last 20 years and having TOZCOS as good current reference, and incorporates it a more hardcore tone that may remind you of bands like ULTIMO REORTE and even a certain dark aftertaste in the guitar riffs. The drums are very solid and the bass lines are very forceful, generating an impressive sound base for Erika's voice that at times can remind us of bands like VICE SQUAD. One of the best bands in the city without a doubt and about which little has been said, but without a doubt that ends now because FUTURA are the FUTURE. PUNK. 

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