Furens - self-titled EP

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(Esos Malditos Punks)

Official Description:
Mexican hardcore band "FURUENS" formed in 95!! '97 ('96?) The 1st demo cassette released in the 25th Anniversary Edition 7 inch reissued! !! Released jointly by ESOS MALDITOS PUNKS in the US/Texas, which is also known for reissues of South American mono such as HEREJIA and SEDICION, and EXABRUPTO Records in Mexico!
Strong & Angry!! Metallic and brutal sound that feels the influence of NY HARDCORE and SxE HARDCORE, and the villainous Mexican brutal metallic hardcore that makes you feel Mexican hot-blooded energy and dirty! !! The rough dirtiness with metal edges also makes you feel the essence of South American crust! !! All 7 songs are included! 7 inches at the beginning of 2022! !! 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION!! Silver ink sleeve with insert!! Limited to 300 sheets! MEXICO/MONTERREY XXX HARDCORE!!

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