Frustrerad - The Truth in Lies EP

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Belgian current total SWEDISH "DISARM" style RAW Mangel ~ KANG Group, 1st EP in 2021 following the 2019 demo that was previously received and sold out immediately! !
The reader of this group - Shalo, after moving to Belgium in Brazil, D-BEAT RAW PUNK group CHUKA, what a veteran PUNKS who formed with the members of that PRIVATE JESUS DETECTOR - P.J.D, and the ANTI-CIMEX type group DARMSTADT, which was very popular with EP in our store before!

He still seems to have a strong love for 80's SWEDISH ~ Scandinavian RAW HC, and the group formed while there are no members who are quite in tune with such styles after the aforementioned group activity suspension is this FRUSTRERAD!

And as you can see from the audition, the swedish 80's RAW HC group DISARM is the most impacted by this group!
The sound that pushes with a solid guitar while the riff work of Moro DISARM pops out is already almost a homage, and the person himself says, it is strongly inspired by ANTI-CIMEX, SOUND OF DISASTER, PUKE, and I sympathize with the snatch very much!
The recording is a DIY rehearsal room managed by the band, commonly known as SBSC STUDIO, completely self-release TOTAL 4 RAW TRACKS limited 300 pieces performed by the band only!

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