Froggy & The Ringes - Soft 'G' EP

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Official Description:
Few artists have ever captured the UK pond scene as have FROGGY & THE RINGES with their freshwater dominating sound. Their singles and albums are highly sought after by collectors. FROGGY & THE RINGES’ popularity in the dance field has exploded, producing record-breaking crowds wherever they go. Now comes “SOFT G”, but soft they are not, with more exciting originals like “AUCTION THIS!”, “DON’T LISTEN” and “(WE ARE) CHEAP BEER”…all in the style that only FROGGY & THE RINGES could capture.

FROGGY & THE RINGES are known by their many followers for possessing a tremendous musical sound as well as individual personality and showmanship. Froggy writes the words and Ranchard Ringe writes the music and also drives the bass guitar (which is the only way to describe his work). The other RINGES are Sir Ringe-o-Lot on keys; Ringe-o-Starr, providing the rock solid and explosive backbeat, and Claudio Winkelf-Ringe, whose lead guitar provides the basis for the original “squeals from the lily pad” sound. The group has an unusual vocalization plus a space-age, plus-beat sound…all of this makes FROGGY & THE RINGES! The next time you hear a riotous rock ‘n’ roll ‘ribbit!’ from the bulrushes it may just be FROGGY & THE RINGES!

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