Froggy & The Ringes - Ringe Rock Pond Scum LP

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Official Description:
Here it is! The latest, much anticipated, 10 track LP from Froggy & The Ringes!
Rising from their excessive, and long-standing mega-cultdom with the hip-shaking Soft ‘G’ 7” E.P. in 2020, Froggy and his plucky band of ringes unleash the Ringe Rock Pond Scum album upon an undeserving world…
Featuring hi-tempo rockers like Pond Scum, Growin’ Grapes, and One Chord Frog that’ll set your flippers a-shakin’ for sure, alongside thoughtful, slo-tempo numbers such as Space Frog, which heart-breakingly documents the amphibianist tendencies of world governments to erase the achievements of Frogkind from history, and Froggy’s straight-from-the-heart advice – a life manifesto, if you will – on Good Livin’, this new LP has something for all rock ‘n’ roll fans, discerning or otherwise.
Remember! The next time you hear a riotous rock ‘n’ roll ‘ribbit!’ from that nasty, stinkin’ swamp, it may just be Froggy & The Ringes!

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