Fleshlicker - Disquieting Matter tape

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(Anthems of the Undesirable)

Official Description:
Fleshlicker has been one of the most intriguing and prolific voices in the UK extreme music scene since their 2018 debut. With releases varying from three minute blasts of static-drenched noise-grind to a full hour of harsh noise walls, Fleshlicker is constantly traversing through dimensions of noise and exploring new means of sonic transgression.

With the “Disquieting Matter” cassette, Fleshlicker has embraced the primordial grindcore of acts like Seven Minutes of Nausea and Arsedestroyer, as well as early Agoraphobic Nosebleed. These twenty-one tracks of crackling, in-the-red drum machine grind mark a new chapter for Fleshlicker - with dense layers, low end, and manic vocals that push every aspect of the project to a new limit.

What was once old has been made new.
What was once young and vibrant will soon rot and decay.
Fleshlicker, forever.

Anthems is proud to release this recording, more than a year in the making, and to be able to once again work with Michael D. Brown (Swallowing, Closed.) I sincerely believe Fleshlicker is one of the most exciting new noise acts of the last five years, and we are thrilled to be a part of this integral, new chapter in their evolution.

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