Fearless Vampire Killers - Roots Nutty CD

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Celebrate the 35th anniversary of Yokosuka's FVK. In the 80's, their unique sound and presence in the vein of BAD BRAINS led to their acceptance into the scene and over time, FVK created followers all over the world. After several lineup changes, the band is still active today. 1989 saw the lineup of NAOI on drums, SWAD on bass, GILL (FRONT GUERRILLA) on guitar, and WAKA (SCUMBAG, DREAD YANKEES) on vocals. That year, FVK participated in a compilation, released an 8" EP, and heavily toured the Kansai region. The studio recordings and the previously unreleased, secret live footage of '89 have been edited and set to release on CD by BREAK THE RECORDS to commemorate the 35th anniversary of FVK's formation.

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