Farting Corpse/Waves Crashing Piano Chords split 7"

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a random review:
This split is a collaboration between two of the most intensely anti-social musical acts in America today: New York state’s Waves Crashing Piano Chords, and Michigan’s Farting Corpse.

I have been a  big fan of WCPC since I discovered some of his live videos on YouTube early last year. Everything about his music is engaging, from his destructive bursts of feedback and occasional pounding, rough spurts of rhythm, to his primal screams and relentlessly disturbing imagery. A raw, animal hatred runs through his music, and this split is no different. The vocals on this album are fucking terrifying, a hellish meld of a drunken abusive father and a schizophrenic homeless person howling at you from across the street. Its hard for me to call to mind words that do this artist justice, so I’ll just summarize: Waves Crashing Piano Chords kicks ass, and your favorite band can’t come fucking close to this level of horror.

Farting Corpse hold their own on the other side of the split with blistering, wild gorenoise. Finding the perfectly disgusting ratio of feedback to drums, Farting Corpse could not sound more horrifying. The best way to describe the sound would be fleshy, as it doesn’t sound so much like human musicians as the sped up sound of postmortem defecation itself. Farting Corpse’s sound is fucking filthy, an oozing pussy wound of a band. I highly recommend them for any fan of music that brings to mind surgery gone wrong.

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