Eyescream - The End - Complete Discography CD

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Official Description:
 From the formation in 2018 to the last live in 2019, the discography CD of Eyescream, a treasure of Sendai that attracted a lot of attention in a very short period of activity but was dissolved!
The 1st cassette tape released almost anonymously spread from the word-of-mouth level to the whole country and the world. The sound, which contained plenty of 80's hardcore taste, had a vivid impact on this era. The vocal which shouted with feelings of exposing a strong message was terrific, and the ability which did not differ in the topicality was shown.
Two cassette tapes as a single sound source, NO NO, and a 3WAY split with transfusion have been released, but all are currently difficult to obtain and soar. This work is a complete discography that recorded almost all of those sound sources and almost all the live sound sources at Nishi-Yokohama EL PUENTE on August 11, 2019, which unfortunately became a dissolution live.

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