Extinct Government/Criminal State split 12"

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Official Description:
The first new work in six years since the previous work of Tokyo hardcore punk band "EXTINCT GOVERNMENT" consisting of members of the initial impulse full opening, led by Ricky who leads the scene with the sound with the style as Mohawk punks from the mid-1980s, is a Russian 100% pure HARD CORE PUNK band SPLIT with "CRIMINAL STATE"!
Wearing hardcore Genesis such as Mohawk and Tack Jan that appeared in the early 1980s, the competition between the two, who received the chaotic initial impulses of the British Empire in a foreign country with different environments and cultures of Japan and Russia, will induce a return to the origins of many punks!
As the title suggests, this work was supposed to be released in conjunction with the CRIMINAL STATE // GOVERNMENT JAPAN tour in 2021. First of all, I want you to experience their stage which will be held after convergence with analog LP!

CRININAL STATE, whose origins are Cold and Dirty Russia, consistently expresses anti-state, anti-war and anti-fascist stances. They are angry at this invasion of Ukraine. "Putin is a nasty bastard, none of the Russian people have approved of his war with him. The Russian people go out on the street to protest the war, but they're immediately taken by the police (a.c.a.b."

Government vocalist Ricky also urges,"Russia invades Ukraine, why did Russia go out of the rage?" IIf you look behind the scenes, not the visible part, you will understand the true evil! Shut up the Government of the United States, a country that always plunges into the internal affairs of other countries and starts war!"

Yes, no one wants war. It is flat to be swayed by a handful of powerful people. Let's make this SPLIT anti-war wolf smoke!
And, let's see the figure of both bands in the live house in the whole country when the war ends early, and corona converges.

Please read the message about this invasion of Ukraine that CRIMINAL STATE received at the end of the sentence.

Criminal State opposes the imperialist conquest war. We oppose war and do not support fascism or capitalism. Russia is under the occupation of the police regime, which was born in the 1990s. The ruling class continues to wage war that would allow ordinary people to die, to conflict the working class, and to force militarism and enthusiastic patriotism. Our music activities are for world peace and to end this war that threatens not only Ukraine but also the whole world. As the upper class always is, they try to drag everyone into meat grinders for their own good and prosperity.
It also divides and rules the people. War is business. Criminal State, like everyone in the world, opposes the war in Ukraine and all wars. He gave concerts in Odessa, Ukraine, in 2016 and kiev in 2017. There are many friends and acquaintances here. We hated putlers (Putin x Hitler) and none of us chose him. Our country has been occupied by Putin and his vile friends for more than 23 years, and most of the population has become zombies because of TV propaganda. Basically, all the songs are about real life in Russia as it is.

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