Exploatör - Avgrundens Brant CD

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Official Description:
Second and the newest album of EXPLOATÖR on CD, entitled "Avgrundens Brant", punk band / d-beat hardcore from Sweden. EXPLOATÖR is a new project that seems like an effort to rejuvenate the classic formation of totalitär, with founding members Poffen and Lanchy, and also Jallo who played drums with Totalitär from the mid-1990s until they separated. In addition to these 3 swedish hardcore legends, the band now features Ea, also a member of Warcollapse and Slutet. The members played on several other projects, including other hardcore bands such as Dischange or Kvoteringen, or other more sonically adventurous bands such as Brainbombs. Poffen has recently led many sound-like bands such as Institution, Dissekerad and, more recently, Katastrof. Members have also had experiences in bands such as Krigshot, Makabert Fynd, Krig I Hudik, Napalm A.D., Desperate Fix, Meanwhile, Disfear, No Security and Ääritila... AND MUCH MORE! While these are great bands, lanchy's addition to the guitar instantly brings together an important part of the puzzle. While you can argue about the importance and power of other Swedish bands like Mob 47 and Anti-Cimex, Totalitär's sound has a specific and instantly recognizable quality. It is interesting that Totalitär has recorded many records over a few decades and the execution style has never been diverted. With this combination of people making music, the result is a real avalanche destroying everything you find ahead with your hardcore Scandinavian killer!! In this CD release, we included 9 more bonus tracks taken from their first album (untitled), released in 2017 by Swedish label D-Takt & Råpunk Records, totaling 19 tracks in over 30 brutal minutes! This has everything to be the album of the year!

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