Endorphins Lost/Osk split 7"

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A review:
Endorphins Lost are an absolute standout in the collective Seattle area powerviolence/hardcore scene and they barely need like four minutes to prove it on this split with sludged-out Canadian grindcore band OSK. Their combination of powerviolence and grinding hardcore is a throat-grabbing eye-to-eye conversation about perception, manifested illusions and outliers within mental health. Their hardcore edged sound is immediately akin to ‘Subdivisions in Ruin’ era Capitalist Casualties but with the immediacy and power-violent ethos of Crossed Out. In fact the dynamic between these two bands is like a superior version of the infamous Crossed Out/Man is the Bastard split, a jabber versus a lunger more or less.

OSK are a mystery to me beyond their ‘We Will Never Change‘ release from 2014 and an old compilation on To Live a Lie Records back in 2012. The style of ‘We Will Never Change’ is echoed on this 7? minus some of the ‘Scum’ style blasts, and focuses on a just few bursts of sludgin’ hardcore-ass grindcore violence. I don’t have a clue what OSK is all about but “Burrow” has a massive groove that must be heard. I’m damn sure you have like eight minutes to hear two great hardcore/powerviolence/grindcore bands do what they do best.

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