DxIxEx/Nikudorei split tape

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Official Description:
Both have been together for a quarter of a century... The corpse cassette drops the fifth split work in the same combination! !! Coincidentally, a total of 20 minutes of the latest recorded songs of both parties who resumed their activities in 2022 are recorded! Free shipping!

DxIxE and meat slaves, even the person who released it never thought that the 21st century would be able to worship a split work with this combination after 23 years! This work, which was pre-released on February 9, 2023 (Meat Day) in commemoration of the 29th anniversary GIG of the formation of meat slaves held at Hatsudai WALL, after being proposed by both bands, is finally available for general distribution! Two split cassettes, VHS, and a 7-EP from Bloodbarh Records are here, the fifth split album by both of them!
The legend began when Tak Weight evilevator, who is in charge of DxIxE's Gt, offered to perform as a band to Mr. Okada, a meat slave who was haunting the neighborhood as a customer at the time, and coincidentally, 29 years ago (meat) years ago, Meat from February 9 (Meat Day) in 1994 (meat day) I didn't think that the meat slaves who started working as Slave would become such a noise grind band that they would receive so much respect from both inside and outside the country....!! Of course, DxIxE is the world-famous "original" bassless grindcore band, including splitting with Realized from the prestigious German label RSR! This work captures the present of both sides, which have been formed for more than a quarter of a century. All of the world-famous Japanese Grind scenes of the 90s are here! Self-proclaimed grinders all over the country, if you don't listen to this, it's a lie ~!!!!

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