DxIxE - d.i.e.r.r.e.a. CD

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DONMAI IS BACK!! Urayasu's grindcore band DxIxE, who performed live for the first time in 12 years in May '22! The ultra-rare demo work released during the Shikoku tour in 09, just before they stopped their activities, has been reissued with bonus tracks! Bloodbath Records / Corpse Cassette Joint Release, Gatefold Limited to 444 copies! With stickers & member chronology!

Four split releases, including Japan's signature Noisegrind Meat Slave and VHS work, including a solo cassette from HG fact and a 7" from Blurred Records. Urayasu's bassless grindcore band DxIxE, which has led the Japan grind scene from the 90s ~ 00s, has resumed its activities for the first time in 12 years! On May 5, 22, Koiwa Bushbash was the venue for the revival, and a large number of grindmaniacs who had been eagerly awaiting DxIxE live for many years packed the festival and ended with a huge success like a euphoric festivities. At the time of resumption of activities, Gt's TAK weight exilevator was also in charge of Vo, and YOSH g.k. spider, who is also enrolled in GOOD DREAM / quAng duc Asylum, etc., is still alive and well! MUD the ready torment, who was in vo, has switched his part to SB, and DxIxE will continue to work under this new structure.

In response to the resumption of activities, the corpse cassette that was playing DxIxE at the time responded to the call of Bloodbath Records, which is presided over by DxIxE ally Congenital Haemorrhoids, and their demo CD-R "d.i.e.r.r.e.e.a." It was reissued on CD. The original was produced in conjunction with DxIxE's Shikoku tour in '09, and was called a phantom work because it was sold only at the live opening at that time. In addition to 14 songs, including the classic song "Not Go For a Lie" that is also included in Split 7" with Meat Slave and a re-recording of the classic "Gradually" at their live, a total of 17 songs including some songs provided by the 4-way split CD "Total Scum Noise Shit Attack" released by Bloodbath Records in 04! On top of that, there is also a secret rack ...

The jacket that gives off a cute impression and poison at the same time is ex. Vo / Written by MUD the ready torment of the current SB, the definitive album with a chronology of members from the time of formation to the present and a special sticker! It is a piece that is compatible in all directions, from old fans to kids who have recently learned about grind!

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