Domestic Curse - The Five Curses LP

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Official Description:
This is the debut release by DOMESTIC CURSE.  It’s a 5 song mini LP, clocking in at a little over 21 minutes.

Given that James Domestic (The Busiest Man in DIY punk™) seems to release a record with one of his bands/projects on an almost monthly basis, this has been an incredibly slow burner, several years in the making. 

Domestic and Hewson have been acquainted for years, with their bands sharing bills on many occasions.  The idea of teaming up and incorporating Domestics’ lyrics into the electronic maelstrom that Hewson dishes up with his CURSE project had been marinating for a while, and finally comes to fruition on The Five Curses.

Musically, we’re in electronic overload…think throbbing, whirring, and rattling synths, thumping kick drums, skeletal drum ‘n’ bass, chest-thumpin’ bottom end, and raw punk vocals in a long-form almost-stream-of-consciousness style; sneering and barbed.  Lyrical targets include perpetual timewasters, thick-as-shit fascists, mid-life crisis melts, coked-up estate agents, serial exaggerators, and a culture that sees us annihilate ourselves on the regular as a means of fleeting escape.

Dirty squatted warehouse music for clued up punks. Crank it waaaaaay up, ya cunts!

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