Dismembered Fetus - Anthropophagus Anthology 2xCD

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Official Description:
90's US Colorado Hate Grindcore, DISMEMBERED FETUS 2 discography CD that summarizes demos, compilations and unreleased songs left in the 1990s. A violent grind core with a strong noise grind color that also leads to ANAL CUNT, MEAT SHITS and German Grind. It seems to pass the cold-heartedness of the death grind and the impulse outburst of the noise grind, and it is different from the feeling, the feeling of still unpleasantness, the madness and violence put in the sound, and hatred.

Together with artwork, "brutal music" refers to this kind of thing.
A 76-disc discography with a collection of demo sound sources, comp songs, unreleased songs, etc.

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