Disgusti - A Thousand Prickly Needles EP

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Official Description:
It’s hard to tell exactly when it happened. Two nearby scenes caught fire and came together as quickly as the onset of weight gain people experience when they start listening to grindcore. Within months, the short distance between Toronto and Hamilton felt a lot shorter, and somewhere between the wild feeling of excitement around new bands, the beer soaked basement shows, and the ruby-eyed nights sitting around someone’s tape deck, some kind of a connection emerged.
A few years and several hundred beers later, Disgusti happened. Half comprised of reckless freaks from Toronto’s western ‘burbs and half comprised of some of Hamilton’s hardest hitting steelfuckers, Disgusti is something of a Canadian raw punk Arnold Palmer. The result? A platter that feels like you’re trying to cook a steak on your turntable: thick and meaty and it doesn’t get any less raw no matter how many times you flip it. Those who have heard the band’s demo (also recorded by Toronto hardcore superstar Jonah Falco) will be impressed by how much further the band has upped the ante in terms of noised out destruction. For those how have never heard Disgusti before, it’s kinda like one of those Marvel “What If” comics – “What if Wastoids and Snakecharmer Battled on Planet D-Beat?” It’s kind of like a love song. It’s kind of like a sweet disc that comes in a slick limited edition package complete with some extremely cool art. Do you like punk? Whatever. Get fuckin’ pricked.

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