Deserve to Die - self-titled CD

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Formed in Okayama in 2014, RAW BRUTAL GRINDING POWERVIOLENCE "DESERVE TO DIE" is currently based in Okayama and Kagawa! !! 2022 1st full album self-release! !! A powerful sound that swallowed GRINDCORE~NOISE CRUST~POWERVIOLENCE! !! GRIND CRUST VIOLENCE!!! All 16 songs are included, digipak specification! !!

Formed in 2014 in Okayama Prefecture. Initially, they were active as a duo of guitar/vocalist Akashi and drummer Mahiro, but in 2019, bass Gai joined and their base of activity became Okayama / Kagawa prefecture.
His musical background is strongly influenced by classic grindcore such as SxOxB, NAPALM DEATH, Repulsion, FEAR OF GOD, and 2010s power violence such as Nails and Weekend Nachos. Based on these, DEATH DUST EXTRACTOR, Gloom, ABRAHAM CROSS, etc. output the taste of a noise crusher of stench / crust core. IT DEVELOPS ITS OWN RAW BRUTAL GRINDING POWERVIOLENCE SOUND.
They have held numerous self-planned events including outdoor festivals, participated in numerous compilation albums, and performed live overseas, and have continued to work energetically as the Darkside OYC crew. Eight years after their formation, they released their long-awaited 1st full album.
Discrimination, oppression, anger at an unreasonable society, and frustration that has restricted activities due to the coronavirus pandemic. These were put on the sound and exploded.
The mix is by IRONSTONE, the mastering is by Soichiro Nakamura (Peace music), and the artwork is by hiromu, who has also worked on SUMMER OF DEATH and LASTSENTENCE.

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