Deceiving Society - Cruster 16 Minute Shock CD

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Official Description:
In the latter half of the 1990s, when the punk scene of Mie showed a tremendous excitement, one of the bands formed is this DECEIVING SOCIETY. Some people will remember the LP released from Crust war. Suddenly appeared at that time, he acted with the momentum to drop the flying birds, and captivated Japan and the world's Krusties all at once. The number of witnesses has decreased on the scene with the times, but "CRUSTER 16MINUTES SHOCK" DEMO, which had been released without much circulation before LP, has reissued the CD due to an independent label by Vo/KAZUKI and Dr/DAIGO, which were members this time. It was supposed to be done! Besides, along with live sound source that includes some unreleased songs!
DEMO is a so-called one-shot gacha recording sound source by a radio studio by a practice studio, but it is a rough NOISE SOUND as it is, but mastering with NOISE ROOM is performed, it becomes more coarse and it becomes a CHAINSAW NOISE CRUSHER CRUST sound, It's desperate to be chopped.
For the live sound source, it is a valuable live sound source that was on the verge of stoppage since their LP release when it appeared in the 2001 CONTRAST ATTITUDE project at their local Ise question. Some unreleased songs are recorded, but it is a wonderful song that regrets that it was disbanded without being recorded in the studio. There is no doubt that it is a sound source that conveys the liveliness of the time that overwhelms the destructive others. All 20 songs, just before going mad, and desperately going crazy!
FINAL NOISE ATTACK. It might have been GLOOM, and the words that were there for them.

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