Cunts/Gravavgrav split tape RESTOCK

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Official Description:
The world's only boring death metal band, Gravavgrav, and the world's most boring non-mortal metal band,' split cassette are now available! Both recordings of the two-man GIG held at Nakano Moonstep on December 17, 21! Limited to 200 pieces, with a Bored pin badge!

Slow vs. Fast! Long vs. Short! Heavy vs. light! Composition vs. momentum!
As mentioned above, this is still two bands with conflicting qualities, Gravavgrav and! The former playing decadent death metal and the latter of the noise grind band with decadent figures, the split cassette by these two bands that no one could have imagined is urgently released!
Despite being held on weekdays, Death Metal Heads and Noise Maniacs gathered in large numbers on December 17, 2021 Nakano The excitement of that two-man GIG held at Moonstep is again! A split cassette that vacuum-packs the live sound source of Ahana, where board death metal and drum 'n' boys noise punk sound are crossed!
The artwork was done by Corpse Cassette and the total design was done by Harumagedo. Corpse cassette limited version is pink shell / red cassette specification! In addition to the specifications sold at Harumagedo, another version may be released ...!? Wait without expectation!

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