Cunts - ex. Girlfriends-singles and rare traxxx CD

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Japanese No.1 Drum'n'Voice Band!!
Noise Grind's ultimate system,, has released a discography full of rare sound sources!
Since FrozenPanty formed in Tokyo in 2003, have insisted on arranging only drums and vocals, and have continued to work with the aim of sublimating Noise Grind, which has eliminated stringed instruments, into Punk Rock rather than treating it as non-musical/kiwamono. In addition to the sound source after the addition of the 4th generation drummerA in 2011, it has been decided to release a discography disc that includes unreleased sound sources and sound sources before joiningA!
"On the U.S. tour Chiakiraku with Penis Geyser, I got lost on the street because I was told that I could not rent a place from the live venue on the day because of the names Penis Geyser and" "On Twitter, I received a public sermon on RT quoted an active junior high school student who likes the Beatles as saying, 'It's not this kind of music, you should have a guitar', There is no shortage of rare episodes such as receiving many messages of sympathy from their followers", but in addition to the above-mentioned U.S. tours, they are also touring Hungary and Serbia, and have gained a lot of support both domestically and internationally, such as supporting Full of Hell and Sissy Spacek's performances in Japan. The sound that bills itself as the Japanese No.1 Drum'n' Voice Band is undoubtedly authentic and is a must-have for all punk/hardcore fans.

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