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Official Description:
Tokyo Drum & Vocal Only Total SICK Anti-Music Noise Grind Duo Group, who leads that NAPALM DEATH IS DEAD and also operates cult noise GRIND specialized label corpse cassette, is currently working with Mr. Fuckin'A, the latest release in 2021! !
Released by independent label Beside of Your Wife!!

The track list of this work recorded with the cooperation of UCGM's dotphob and ENDON's guitar Koki Miyabe that zenocede members are doing now is four songs, but the contents are naturally uncountable, impulses, screams and destructive primitive drumming unfold like a storm, even grind noise is no longer playing matmo!
About 8 minutes when the spirit and humor of the tenma tenki will spark into the wood edge dust in hanatarash state! !

From the following information!!
The band's own new source of recording for, the first time in about a year and a half since the 2019 demo CD-R Sessions for Good Girl, is released by the label Beyond of Your Wife!
This work has received several release offers from domestic and foreign labels, and is a part of the heavy waist recording that we cnts have made king of Laziest. I've been doing a lot of live performances over the past year and a half, but even the sound source has been recorded! II want you to admit the place, and also refrain from the sound source of this year's release! This work was born from the unpleasant idea of making you see the recording in order to release the smell! It is "Demo 2021", the egg box of the ego of cunts!
We have a lot of enemies! It knows! Every time I enter practice, "00 is on Twitter..." "I heard it from ??...", we cnts who spend most of the individual kneading (two) hours complaining with such a story. I understand what he is saying. I know. Cnts are a little of them, what we're doing is not music or anything... That's right, isn't it? Hey, I'm !!? Then that's fine, no music or anything. However, we know that "making sound" is the best way to express under the name cents, so we put out a sound source! But I'm going to do it! I would appreciate it if you could accept that we made a sound source and released it as a work on the premise of the positive interpretation.
This year is the 18th year since the formation of, and 2021, the 10th year since Fuckin'A joined the drums. TThe first release sound source to send in that memorable year! The design is always a great senior Papa Big Papa (kito-mizuki ruber) who makes this request even better, and the recording became an endeoned work by longtime friends dotphob (UCGM) and Koki Miyabe (ENDON) to start 2021 sunny and sunny! On Twitter, "I don't think I'm anti-me!" I want you to listen to the (forget it) that has flown air rip, please purchase the dream sound source of the dream by all means! !

? Below is a review of the contributed work.

A dreamy band composed only of drums and vocals that are one and only, unheard of, and who control all things
mori. Their Grindin' Kamisori Noise Punk Sound has surprised the public and led to an end to conflicts in various places through cooking that has continued in parallel with band activities. Even in this corona disaster, it achieved the feat of winning the Nobel Prize in Physics and the Salaryman Kawayanagi Grand Prix at the same time, and it gained a reputation in the neighborhood, and the activities of going to "Think Global, Act Local" on the ground are attracting attention from the modeling industry ... Since the two members were 2 together, various opinions (bashing) from various districts (relatives) were also talked about.
This work "Demo 2021" was created by FrozenPanty and Fuckin'A, who show such a momentum to drop flying birds, bringing in materials such as acorns picked up in the forest this
winter. While the happening of taking up a favorite toy during the recording and crying was also sandwiched, a masterpiece representing the 21st century was born for the first time in a year and a half as a newly recorded work. If you liken this work to an easy-to-understand one, yes... Phoenix. Firebird, it's deca, and it's not going to die. Osamu Tezuka wrote, he doesn't get old, I'm thym. And strong. It's also decathden. It is such a feeling.
The recording was done with allies dotphob (UCGM) and Koki Miyabe (ENDON), and this work also did total design with FrozenPanty kito-mizuki rouber's Papa Big Papa, this sound source produced under the strongest
formation! It includes 7 tracks of 4 tracks, it is the appearance of the mast item to know the "now" of cunts!
(Text: Doskebe Mirage)

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