Cunts - Beautiful Hole CD

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(Beside of Your Wife Records)

Official Description:
The sound source released by PAPA Records in 2015 with a limited number of 100 numbering cassettes is also newly released as a jacket (of course, a little naughty) 2020 CD release! ! Released from the newly launched independent label BESIDE OF YOUR WIFE! ! Paper jacket specifications! ! I noticed it for the first time this time when I saw the back jacket, but there were a total of 1000 songs ... The number of tracks is 2 track. Including just 1000 songs!! Amazing Scum Noise Grind! !
The first full sound source of tokyo twosome scum noise grind "CUNTS"! ! The completely choppy and hateful vocals are Frozen Panty, who is also in charge of drums at NAPARM DEAD IS DEAD, and it's the SxAxCx drum Fuckin'A a.k.a B.I.G.C.O.C.K!! Vocal & Drumming! ! 26 minutes without a doubt that I am satisfied with this 100% transformation high-speed low noise scum grind core that the vocals, howling noise, and intense drums are united! ! AxCx ~ Scum Grind / Grind Lovers Must Buy!!

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