Cream Soda - Fiction LP

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Official Description:
Long waited 6 tracks of blasting metallic hardcore punk attack!

Led by Danny Sano of PUNKS, a Japan-member Australian who once crossed groups such as RED STAIN and DEATHCAGE in the late 90s, Australia is the latest mini-album in 3 commissioned by the current three-member hardcore punk group CREAM SODA from Sydney, which will be commissioned by the previous 2019 1st 12-inch "Mangel Syrup"!

Based on direct influences from Japanese hardcore punk such as DEATH SIDE?BASTARD?LIP CREAM, GAUZE, JUDGEMENT, SYSTEMATIC DEATH, etc., the metallic raging slash hardcore that also has elements of UK & EURO D-BEAT~ Scandinavian HC-CRUST PUNK does not shake from the previous work at all. All 6 songs that are spectacular to run at full throttle in the red zone!

With lyrics inserts, all copies are limited to 300 blue splatter vinyl specifications!

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