Continental Kids - Grand Punk Railroad LP

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Official Description:
This is the best selfcover album by Continental Kids, one of the most important bands in the Kansai punk hardcore scene in the 80's. Although the band ceased their activities after this album, this is the compilation of their influences that would later become hardcore! Although the band ceased their activities at the end of this album, this compilation album, which had a great influence on the hardcore scene in later years, is finally being reissued on analog and CD for the first time!

Formed in Kyoto in 1981 by "Shinoyan" and "Takami", members of the punk band "SS", which was regarded as the world's fastest punk band at that time in 1979. With the addition of a female bassist, Ranko, the band was awarded as one of the best punk bands in terms of both looks and sound. After releasing three albums independently, this album was released on Alchemy in 1991 and is a self-recorded version and best selection of songs after "Akira" joined the band as a vocalist. With a fusion of death voice, metal-like guitar work, and hardcore sound, the album offers a dignified performance by the Continental Kids, who were heavyweights of the Kansai punk scene.

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