Collaps - self-titled EP

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Official Description:
COLLAPS is a new band made up of some veterans in the German scene(s) and last year they released a demotape on the Berlin label SFR Hardcore that i played over and over again here at Mendeku HQ, one of my favourite demos of 2022 for sure. So here we are a few months later with the vinyl pressing of it!

4 tracks (plus an amazing and classy piano intro) of PUNK in capital letters. Other than that i find it sort of difficult to place them into a specific sub-category, sure it’s Punk with heavy influences from Oi! and Hardcore. but each of the 4 songs have a unique feel to it, diverse riff patterns and drum beats, blending all toghether under a blanket of rawness with that great “sand-paper” guitar tone. Nice lyrics with a touch of sarcasm and irony about daily life issues and other scene subjects.

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