Clumzy - True? Pitfall? CD

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Official Description:

the virus disaster with an uncertain future, the Punk/hc scene in Japan has been stiff for the past few years. I was living a somewhat depressed life that I couldn't think of, but just like that, I was shaken by the freshly recorded CLUMZY sound source that arrived from Mie Prefecture with a pleasant stimulus.
A guitar that rips through your eardrums and strokes your nerves, a bullet drum that folds in rapid succession with a stop-and-go, a low, muffled bass that wriggles in a musty basement... Positioned at the opposite end of the clear, well-contoured and jarring sound, this is a powerful crust core that delivers a sharp blow to the brain! Needless to say, the-to-earth punks are tightly condensed into what they can't stop seeking, and there is no doubt that there is a predilection for discharge at the root, but there are also developments that dare to break the royal phrase and make it catchy, and it is by no means limited to imitation of the past. The screams that are carried by the noisy swells of stench that are released are full of bitter anger and disappointment at the absurd society, but we can also glimpse a side of them that seems to gently reach out to others, rather than being all negative.
In a chaotic world where everyone can't help but feel stuck, the image of groping but steadily coming up with the answer comes to mind, and all 8 songs are their first work and must-listen! (by Yoichi/Deformed Existence)

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