Clown/Kohu-63 split CD

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Official Description:
In the Japanese hardcore world, "Clown", which continues to evolve uniquely while showing its presence, and the Finnish hardcore legend "KOHU-63", needless to say, are fighting together! Both bands in November 2017 A split work that preceded the Japan tour of Finland ! 

Clown has always been fighting. It is undeniable that Japan's passion for hardcore is directly linked to its sound style, but it goes beyond that and continues its activities with the aim of becoming truly borderless. That style is also reflected in the fact that there are many opportunities to work together with overseas expeditions and bands other than hardcore. They are trying to show it in their music, proclaiming that "it's meaningless if you can't jump over the frame." The new songs "STILL CRAZY" and "CHAINS" recorded in this work suggest new possibilities as a band, and you can feel that they have made a strong evolution from the re-recording of existing songs.

If you like punk and hardcore, you've probably seen the name KOHU-63. TERVEET KADET, KAAOS, Riistetyt, etc. are the living characters that have supported that wonderful Finnish hardcore scene. I think there are quite a few people who have followed the activities of KOHU-63 in real time. And although there may be some people who like the sound source of those days (in this case, the 80's) but do not expect it from what they are now, I would like them to experience the current KOHU-63. .. This work was born because Clown witnessed their live performance on a European tour and was shocked tremendously. There is no doubt that the impact will spread throughout Japan as well.

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