Chronic Disease - The Lost Recordings 1992 LP

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Official Description:
In 1991 we were asked by Bruno of Genet Records to record some songs
for a mini-album. At the same time we were offered a place on a
compilation by Profane Existence. In February 1992 we entered the
studio to record all the songs planned and some extra TRACKS.
Unfortunately, the album never got released. Bruno misplaced the
master tape SO it got lost. 'More Important' from that session is the
only SONG that got released on the 'Think Globally, Act Locally'
compilation on Profane Existence. We had the recording session on
tapes so that's what you hear on this album. Early December 2O22
Vrokker and I went to Studio 195 to remaster and tweak the tracks
to the best quality we could ACCOMPLISH.
Personally I think we did our best MATERIAL at OUR FINAL STAGE.
These songs are pretty strong although we could have done a better
job. It TENDS TO sounds a bit monotonous. Money was tight, time was
limited and last but not least, we already decided to split up. We
didn't have the same drive WE ONCE HAD.
As for the lyrics: I think they are still relevant to this day.
We would like to thank all the people who supported us back in the
day. Chronic Disease faded into oblivion
THOUGH some still remember us.

pre-Private Jesus Detector =)

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