Catheter/Wojczech split 7"

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(Haunted Hotel Records)

a review:
Catheter Review: Here we have Catheter's usual brand of pretty awesome grindcore/hardcore. This is a nice, effective blend of kick-ass fast grind and slower sludge. Some solid riffage, explosive drumming (pretty vigorous blastbeat work), pugnacious vocal delivery, some nasty growling and shrieking... I couldn't find a tracklist on the cover but I'm counting 2 or maybe 3 tracks here... Good stuffs.

Wojczech Review: This one is another proficient grind/hardcore band, this time from Germany. These guys are definitely tight... Drumming especially is pretty fucking insane, really impressive stuff. BUT the guitar riffing is absolutely not to my taste though, I don't know how to explain it, but chords sound too damn "open", it's not typical grind riffing I'll give you that; another thing that irks me is a little too much high pitched screaming... So simply not my bag, some nice, brutal grind parts but too much of an overall hardcore/metal direction for me to really get into the songs.

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