Canary - Red Cold Cloud CD (RESTOCKED)

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Official Description:
 Kyushu Hardcore Punk CANARY (Canary) Long-Awaited 1st Album! ! This is the first canary sound source released in Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, six years after its formation. Various tastes such as 70's to 80's ROCK are intertwined with the early JAPANESE HARDCORE PUNK sound of the royal road, and all 8 songs full of a sense of speed that vo.TAKESHI's melancholy drifting world view harmonizes splendidly! ! The jacket design of the whole body by Mr. fumiwo who reflects the image of this work as it is in the picture is also excellent. Members of U.A.A, a band in.C Iizuka City, are also enrolled in Gu and Dr. Shiver at the hot cry from Kyushu! 

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