Broken Bones - A Single Decade CD

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Official Description:
BROKEN BONES is a Hardcore Punk band from Stoke-On-Trent in the West Midlands region of England. Formed in 1983 by brothers Tony "Bones" Roberts and Terry "Tezz" Roberts, after they left Discharge. They had a similar sound and, like discharge, moved in a more metal direction over the following years. BROKEN BONES mixed the raw impulse of early hardcore punk with the power of metal to move to the forefront of the then flourishing Crossover scene. "A Single Decade" is a compilation album containing the band's first 5 EPs ("Decapitated" 7" (1983), "Crucifix" 7" (1984), "Seeing Through My Eyes" 7" (1985), "Never Say Die" 12" (1986) and "Religion Is Responsible" 7" (1990), with a total of 19 tracks being remastered by Jack Control (Severed Head Of State/World Burns To Death) at Enormous Door Mastering. Material in luxurious digipack with 3 panels, booklet with lyrics, flyers and photos of the band, telling a part of the story of this classic English band!!!

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