Botched Toe - A False Glimmer of Hope LP

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Official Description:
This is the debut release by BOTCHED TOE. There are ten songs, clocking in collectively at just over 18 minutes. Why mess around, right?

The catchy, pummelling riffs Flanagan serves up provide the perfect backdrop to a bleak vocal narrative from Domestic of a country in decay. Government corruption at an all-time high, those in power displaying ever-increasing contempt for the public; the ravages of unbridled capitalism and a poorly handled pandemic carving ever deeper scars into our individual and collective mental health; simple dreams now out of reach, and a populace so on edge and exhausted by it all that any significant, organised dissent seems less enticing that just retreating into one’s shell and hoping for the best (even when it’s clear that this is the most flawed tactic of all).

The thundering, insistent, bass and drums of Green and Baughurst underpin it all and provide the turbine that powers the howling beast.

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