Bloody Phoenix/Lycanthropy/Skunk/Disturbance Project 4-way split 12"

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(Deep Six Records, Dead Heroes Records)
(USA/Czech Republic/Canada/Spain)

Official Description:
* Bloody Phoenix (US) - a funeral speech of face melting mighty grindcore with Jerry Flores (ex EXCRUCIATING TERROR)
* Lycanthrophy (Cz) - female//male fronted legendary ultra extreme D.I.Y. hardcore violence, now with Otto (NEEDFUL THINGS) on bass-guitar.
* Skunk (Can) - a raw crust/mincecore band from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, formed in 2008 and practicing in the most squalid jam space during essential crust reeking activities. Four of winnipeg's least hygenic crust enthusiasts bring blasts of skunkcrust fury. Ex ARCHAGATHUS, VIOLENT GORGE & SKELETON.
* Disturbance Project (Sp) - an insanely good spanish old-school grindcore features old faces from DENAK

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