Besthoven - D-Beat Inferno (Discography 2009-2010) CD

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(Criminal Attack Records)

Official Description:
A Criminal Attack Records is honored to announce its newest release, a discography of the epic Dis-Attack by Gama-Cimex-City, BESTHÖVEN!!! Pure D-beat, highly influenced by Anti-Cimex / Shitlickers and obviously Discharge, besides, of course, a lot of influence of Brazilian hardcore of the 80s. There are 31 tracks gathering the releases between the years 2009 - 2010, being the splits with "Go Filth Go" Split EP 7", "Beton" Split EP 7", "Pistöns" Split CD, The EP "A Hail To Sweden" 7", the LP Born To Kill Dreams" 10", and the tracks that came out on 4-Way "No Tomorrow" with the bands Warvictims, Peace Or Annihilation and Krüel. Material packed in digipack, containing booklet with photos, flyers, information about releases and all letters. DIS-BEAT CRUST HORRORCORE!!!

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