Barred - Bloodstained Existence LP

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Still Ill continues to curate unrelenting HxC music in such a consistent pace. The community that surrounds them just knows how to make a banger of a record and are persistent enough to throw the illest shows around town. Barred is one of those soul crushing bands you should check out in their roster both live and studio recording.

The diverse province of Laguna is no stranger to hardcore. In fact, they spearheaded the genre even further by fostering many other sub-genres such as emotive hardcore, post-hardcore, and even grindcore to some extent.

Likewise, Barred, the Cthulhu of darkened hardcore, rages on to fight against the light of corruption in their full-length effort “Bloodstained Existence”. The San Pablo four-piece confidently rips with blazing riffs and a throat-ripping vocal performance in 10-tracks. The album is, in its essence, a display of screeching fury and doom-y compositions that will leave your nerves damaged. Your Katinko isn’t ready for this record, really.

If Manila isn’t ready for the impending policies of fascism and rising tension of its state forces, then southern Luzon’s Barred’s “Bloodstained Existence” is the wrecking ball ready to tear down those establishments with decimating pressure trademarked by hardcore and its ever-growing community.

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