Banish Arms - Battle For the Animals 198821991 CD

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Official Description:
Sendai based Japanese crust hardcore band from late 80's to early 90's, Banish Arms is releasing their complete discography collection of the band's history.

Banish Arms is formed under general policy of releasing animals, joined several compilation albums including "Hardcore Showcase(‘89)", "Give Us The Time To Play!(‘90)", "Who's Chained Up To The Dogs Of Outrage!! ?(‘91)", but never released their own records until their break up in 1991. The band reunioned in 2011 but then disbanded again.

This complete collection record will include all of Banish Arms remastered tracks from the compilation albums, and the live tracks at Extreme Noise Terror Japan tour in 1990, the band's farewell live in 1991, reunion live from 2011, and almost all audio tracks remaining today provided by band members.

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