Bafomet/Devil's Poison - Drinking Blood Live Raw split CD

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Official Description:
A split live recording between Tokyo and Chile Blacked /Thrash Metal punk. This CD contains 10 tracks that are recorded from each band's live show, which BAFOMET recorded at 'Gate and Barricade Ver. 2.1" show along with BLAZE and TECHNOCRACY as headliners, and DEVIL'S POISON recorded at Suicide Records fest 1 in April 31th 2022. As the band mentioned HAIL LEGION EJECUTOR! METAL VENENOSO and PRAISE THE GOAT, here the drinking blood live raw split CD.

BAFOMET : This is real Heavy Metal extremity. Taking the ways of old and the virtues of Black and Thrash Metal in their stride, Bafomet unleash chaotic fire in less than 30 minutes of truly killer material. Old school bangers and maniacs will adore this, and if you do not; F.O.A.D.I.F.

DEVIL'S POISON : Devil’s Poison was formed in Coyhaique (Chile) at the end of 2015. A few months later they self-released “Satan Metal” , the first single charged with poisonous metal. The new álbum is a complete dose of savage blackened speed metal. Recommended for fans of Venom, Salyer, Discharge, Bathory, Black Uniforms, GISM, and many more. This new álbum will blow your head off!

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