Backslider/Chainsaw to the Face split 7"

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Official Description:
Backslider bring you their first vinyl release with this split 7". Nothing but non-stop fastcore from this Philadelphia 2 piece. somewhere between lack of interest and no comment, yet still crushing like neanderthal. 12 songs of "upset violence" on their side. Just when it breaks down, they know when to change the tempo, and keep it interesting. Recording and touring nonstop since their inception only a little over a year ago. Go see them in your city. Chainsaw to the face bring you the best in NJ powerviolence. Crushing breakdowns, blistering fast parts and the bleak outlook on life that is only matched by despise you. Chainsaw To The Face has been around since 2003, but sounding like they belong on reality #2 ala 90's powerviolence, sprinkle in some grind and a pinch of plutocracy, minus the high pitch vocals, and drugs. Dark and brooding hardcore. Zero positive outlook.

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