Backlash - Punk is Danger EP

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I was already a fan of Backlash from their first LP in 2012, so when they invited Lotus Fucker to tour Scandinavia together, I was stoked. Their fluent understanding and tireless dedication to punk moved me, their PUNK IS DANGER attitude inspired me, their powerful live shows put my fist in the air, so of course I happily shook hands to release their next 7".

Fast forward a few years and we've gone through so many iterations of art, mastering, waiting for the insert to be laid out, new color scheme, etc etc. But with their 10 year anniversary gigs coming up fast, we decided that we have to capture the moment while we can....only to lose the moment because of coronavirus, which basically fits the gist of this release.

Here we have 4 tracks of Japanese hardcore-style punk music that evokes bands like Evance or AI, with its slightly faster tempo and leaner/meaner songwriting that never veers into a sense of "thrash". Music for the soul.


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