Backlash - Danger/(I Hope) Fight 7" single

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Unlike a small wild west town, Finland is big enough for the two of them: Selfish and Backlash. Two bands that play Japanese hardcore-style, crafted with intention and refined with expertise, creating some of the better punk songs of the last few years. And while Selfish is practically a household name in DIY punk, Backlash has remained under the radar, active for 10 years now but releasing only a single LP in 2012.

But with their 10 year anniversary gig looming close on the horizon, we decided to finally stop tinkering with this damn record and get it out into the world.....only for coronavirus to cause those gigs to get canceled, figures.

Here we have two smash hits that showcase Seve's impeccable songwriting skills. "Danger" is my favorite Backlash song, the ultimate anthemic mid-tempo sing-along that is a highlight of every live show. "Fight" could have been taken off Bet on the Possibility LP with its epic arrangements and Chelsea-influenced guitar solos. Music for the soul.


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