Azote - Aceptada Extincion EP

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(Bajo Perfil Records)

Official Description:
AZOTE ((SCOURGE in engilsh) in colaboration with BAJO PERFIL Records, MIERDALLO and INSURECCIÓN NOMADA joined efforts to deliver one of the finest Scandi beat mixed thru a grinder with the crude sound of the early medellin HC punk .After hearing their debut CD i felt something was missing....and the final touch was siimple propose the band a recording ment to be released on vynil....this finally evidenced the poewer and energy of this long going guys who definatly know that they want to do.seriouds, angry and simply powerful medellin dtylrhrd votr

This band delivers some serious and deep hc d-beat songs, good sounbding recording by this loing time runing dinosaurs (Including people from ATAQUE DE SONIDO and GRINDING)

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