Avvikelsse - self-titled EP tape

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In short: Best band I saw recently.

Official Description:
AVVIKELSSE, the new generation of Osaka Crasher Crusties! The name, meaning deviation” in Swedish, represents how they’ve taken the Japanese noisy crust/Scandi d-beat sound created in their previous band, ABSTRAKT, and introduced more 80s UK Anarcho influences like AMEBIX and ANTISECT to create a uniquely dark and powerful sound. Once the needle drops on this record, you are witness to a sound seeking to obliterate normal society and scream in opposition to bullshit wars! Powerful live gigs bring to mind the conviction of DISCHARGE on the stage and this band continues that pure strain of hardcore punk that was introduced to the world so long ago. It still lives, and will continue to spread in the future thanks to AVVIKELSSE! This six-song bomb blast!

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